Welcome to the website of The Bath Gazette.


Can we have a newspaper that focuses on down-to-earth stories of value to communities in Bath, presents straightforward articles and has compassion for the vulnerable? The Bath Gazette will be it. We also hope to give the paper a gentle and respectful Christian ethos that connects with Bath's Christian heritage. 

The Gazette is a new free newspaper that goes through at least 10,000 doors, giving a round-up of community news. The first 16-page edition circulated in November 2018 and the next edition will be going out around late January. If enough advertisers come on board, we can produce the newspaper bi-monthly or perhaps even monthly - and increase its range.


We are glad to receive press releases - use our Contact page for that. Because we don't have a large team of reporters, editors, graphic designers and camera staff to pay, we can offer extremely good deals on advertising, which we hope will give local businesses a helping hand.

An uplifting project just beginning to blossom and bud.