Advertising with The Bath Gazette is perhaps the most cost effective way to promote a business. Get your advert through 10,000 doors for as little as £20. 

Adverts in The Gazette are easy to find, due to the simple layout of the newspaper and the fact that it isn't about a hundred pages long.


Examples of our rates are:

  • Front page colour advert 8cm x 7cm: £50

  • Inside page colour advert 8cm x 7cm: £30

  • Inside page black and white advert 8cm x 7cm: £20

  • Full page colour advert £400

  • Half page colour advert £200


Send a jpeg image of your advert (should be 300 dpi) or simply send the text that you want and we'll put it in a frame.


Not an actual firm

This is an example of a simple textual advert we can make for you, when you just supply the wording you need. Interested? Contact us.