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Bath Community Orchestra brought Festive Cheer to the Alice Park Café

Visitors to the café at Alice Park on the eastern side of Bath, were treated to festive tunes played by a community orchestra on Sunday the 1st of December. The Bath Tub Orchestra is open to all instruments, resulting in an eye-catching ensemble of musicians. The band looked fun on the day with musicians dressed in Santa hats and other Christmassy adornments. The musicians said that it was hard to play in the wintery air as the cold makes instruments go out of tune and fingers go numb. But the people sitting at outdoor tables with hot drinks and snacks enjoyed hearing a range of musical pieces drifting across the park. Edward Bettella, the musical director leading the performance, said that the Bath Tub Orchestra is open to different levels of ability. It has a wide spread of ages and a good mix of men and women. The orchestra rehearses in a room of the Bath Salvation Army Citadel near Green Park Station. They play all kinds of music including pop, jazz, classical favourites and film scores. To join, you sign up via the orchestra's website. The music wasn't the only attraction at the café that day. Earlier a Santa had been reading stories to children in a huge tent. There were also a couple of stalls, with one selling craft items produced by East African women's groups. Tony the café owner said that the attractions had been well received by visitors to the park, including people stopping off for breakfast on the way home from the Christmas Market. It had been nice to give the orchestra a chance to play and to bring in a couple of stall holders as well. The café team will try to organise something similar next year. The Alice Park Café opens from 9.15am each day. The park itself covers eight acres and has tennis courts, a playpark and a community garden.

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