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Bath residents protest against planned "lethal" changes to busy through road

Residents of Twerton and Southdown are campaigning against planned changes to The Hollow which they say would leave drivers without visibility of the road ahead.

Image advertising a demonstration against the plans scheduled for Sunday 9th May

The plans relate to an application to build nine dwellings in a field between Bath City Farm and Cotswold View. The development would include an access road emerging directly into the current traffic calming section of The Hollow - part of a busy route that connects the Whiteway Road with the Lower Bristol Road.

Highway safety measures would include installing a new build out above Kelston View and increasing the distance between the existing contraflow build outs lower down the hill.

Although council planners have previously approved this scheme for earlier planning applications, residents say that it is not acceptable for reasons of road safety. Leading the campaign group, local resident Mark Reynolds says:

We consider the build out above Kelston View “lethal” due to the lack of forward visibility caused by the brow of the hill and low early evening, blinding sunlight.
Further down The Hollow, we believe that the effectiveness of the two contra flow build outs on the steep section will be significantly reduced because their separation is proposed to be increased by 40% to accommodate the new road into the field.

The Hollow sits between the Twerton and Southdown Wards. Southdown councillors Dine Romero and Paul Crossley have both expressed concerns about the proposed changes, stating that the road is now busier due to the Clean Air Zone affecting traffic flows. Councillor Romero also spoke of evidence from residents that there had been a number of accidents and near misses on the area of road proposed as the point of access.

Highway Development Control officers have now requested a time extension to consult with the different parties involved. Further details of the residents' campaign can be found on the Facebook group Save Our Hillside.

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