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Elvis Tribute at Weston pub enjoyed by people of all ages

It was a night that made an impression on a lot of people, many of them not old enough to remember the original Mississippi-born singer Elvis Presley, known as the King of Rock and Roll.

While styles and fashions come and go, something of the magic and charisma of Elvis always endures. An Elvis Tribute, performed by the fantastic Tim Bassett at The Weston Pub, drew in an audience of about two hundred people on the first Saturday of November.

There was a good mix of ages, with a fun and friendly atmosphere; and the young people looked like they were enjoying themselves.

The largest room of The Weston is a brilliant size for live music events. It provided space for all the people who wanted to sit, stand and dance, as well as those who booked a table to be served food at the performance.

Tim Bassett (pictured) has been a fan of Elvis Presley since he was seventeen years old. And he's been performing his Tribute to Elvis for over twelve years: covering the early years of the rocking 50's all the way to the era of the spectacular 1970's jumpsuits that Presley adopted on stage.

Find out more about Tim Bassett's work and how to make a booking on his website at: www.atributetoelvis.co.uk .

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