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Foxhill people team up to restore natural spring

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Volunteers in Foxhill gathered to clean up the nautral spring at Springfield Park in February and were aptly rewarded with some of the first spring sunshine.

The spring isn't known to everyone who lives on the Foxhill estate. To find it, you have to walk from Meare Road into Springfield Park and then around a big landscaped hump and down the hill a short way.

It's quite a tranquil little spot, blessed with flowering snowdrops and birdsong at that time of year – good for including as part of a walk.

The clean-up was carried out by residents belonging to the Local People Foxhill Project – and was organised by the charity Sustrans which helps residents make small improvements at Foxhill.

Among the volunteers were John and his daughter Charlie (both pictured above), as well as Naomi with her son Teejay. One volunteer in the team said that she hadn't known about this spot before.

A good deal of litter was cleared away from all around the stream, the bushes and the surrounding grassy bits. Then Sophie Lowe from Sustrans brought down some big bags of bark chippings to be laid where the ground was muddy to walk over.

Sophie had also purchased some wildflowers suited to wet ground to be planted up close to the water. These were: lesser spearwort, yellow flag iris, creeping Jenny, pendulous sedge and yellow loosestrife.

The idea to improve the stream originally came from another local resident, Hayley Wallace, who supports families as a voluntary worker for the Southside Family Project.

To find out more about the Local People Foxhill Project, please contact Sophie Lowe on

07827 927531, or Benedicte Dubiez on 07584 025268.

You can also get in touch via their Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/localpeoplefoxhill .

Getting involved in projects like these can help you feel good about yourself while benefiting the local community at the same time.

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