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Odd Down community hub was alive with positive spirit

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

It's always exciting when a community shows its capacity to bring residents together and make projects work. A Christmas Fair held in the Odd Down Community Centre early in December, worked so well that that a strong feeling of community and encouragement rested over the whole event.

Odd Down appears to be one of those areas where efforts are being made to strengthen the community against the backdrop of Council cuts to services. An Odd Down Facebook group has begun to take off, and the community centre is emerging as a hub of action.

Social Action Group

A really good example of the community growing in strength and capacity is seen in the Social Action Group which is comprised of young people. The group meets at the Odd Down Community Centre where they are supported to get their ideas together for new projects in support of local people.

The Social Action Group played a prominent role at the Christmas Fair, selling craft items they had made and running a craft activity people could participate in for a small fee. Pictured below are Amy, Josh and Choe from the group at one of their stalls. Money raised from this was given to Teenage Rampage – a club for teenagers with disabilities.

"The place has come alive"

A lady named Dawn goes to an art class at the community centre and also attends St Philip and James church at Rushill. She was helping serve food at the fair when she saw how the centre had come "alive" with community spirit - for example by bringing together children from St Martin's Garden Primary School and St Philip and James' School.

The event was organised by Bath Area Play Project who are based at the centre. One of their workers, Mark D'Lisser, is pictured below. He was full of fun, helping the children to make mini Christmas trees out of lollipop sticks!

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