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"We're tired of Peasedown Parish Council!"

A group of villagers in Peasedown St John say they are so fed up with their Parish Council that they've decided to stand against them at the May 2nd parish elections.

Group spokesperson, Gavin Heathcote, who called the parish election maintains that: "The majority of the current Peasedown Parish Councillors are out of touch with public opinion. The council is out-dated, doesn't engage with residents, and most residents don't even know there is a Parish Council.

"The Parish Council's recent decision to increase its precept (tax collected from parishioners) by 41% has sparked outrage across the community," says Mr Heathcote. "Despite not being a town, people living in Peasedown now pay more than their counterparts living in Keynsham and Midsomer Norton."

"Peasedown Parish Council needs to be held accountable for it's actions. No more sitting on large sums of tax payers money with poor excuses on how to spend it. I called this election because so many of us are sick and tired of the lack of representation from our parish councillors. You could spend a morning in the centre of Peasedown asking people to name the existing parish councillors, and most people would struggle to name two or three at the most. And there are 17 altogether."

Gavin Heathcote's gang of 5 are himself, Ricky Bullock, Gemma Gotts, Samantha Heathcote and Terance Stacey. The Parish Council Elections will take place on the same day as the Bath & North East Somerset Council Elections on Thursday 2nd May.

Gavin Heathcote, left, with Ricky Bullock, Gemma Gotts and children outside the parish council offices in Peasedown

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