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Weston Library Saved

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

A volunteer tidies the children's books section
A volunteer tidies the children's books section

Weston Village Library has reopened to the public. The newly branded ‘Love Weston Library’ has been taken over by a group of volunteers to prevent it closing due to cuts to library services.

The volunteers applied to the Council in May to take over the running of the library and were awarded a grant to help them set up and prepare the revamped service. The library has been closed since the beginning of August for refurbishment work.

Sir Peter Heywood, from the Love Weston Library Team, said: “This is a great opportunity for all of us in Weston Village, and we are enjoying the challenge and the excitement of running our own library. Lots of us are volunteering to help in the library and we’ve all had full training from the council. We’re now looking forward to giving a big welcome to all our visitors and providing a full library service for everyone in the Weston area.”

The library will remain in its usual place: a building on the Upper Pavement in Weston Village. And users will be able to do all the same things they could before.

The library is an excellent resource for families as it has a large section full of children's books.

The takeover of libraries by volunteers is an example of communities filling in as councils are forced to save money by cutting their number of employees. It's possible to do when a team of volunteers are all prepared to put in a modest amount of effort regularly.

The Moorland Road Library is in a similar position, having been scheduled to close early in 2019 but with activists hoping to enlist enough volunteers to keep it running.

Opening hours for the Weston Village Library are:

Tuesday 10am—2pm

Thursday 2pm—6pm

Saturday 10am—2pp

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